About the Drone Advocacy Alliance

The Drone Advocacy Alliance is a non-partisan, drone-agnostic grassroots advocacy coalition. Formed at a time when proposed drone market access restrictions at the state and federal level could upend the burgeoning drone ecosystem, the Alliance works to ensure that drone users are able to weigh in on policies that could impact their ability to use and choose the best drones for their operational needs. For more information, please contact us at info@droneadvocacyalliance.com.

Our Mission

The Drone Advocacy Alliance’s mission is to work with industry stakeholders and legislators to create an open, safe and honest U.S. drone marketplace that will enable end-users to pick the right tools for their operational needs and help bolster the U.S. industry. We believe that drones provide incalculable benefits to society and that users should be able to select the best options for their unique needs.

Our Goals

Inform end-users about policies that could impact their ability to choose and use drones, while supporting policies that spur innovation and competition within the U.S. drone industry without restricting access to the market based on country of origin.

Streamline the process so end-users can quickly and easily share their opposition to legislation that seeks to create market access restrictions based on country of origin, and their support for legislation that builds the industry for long-term success. The Alliance is committed to supporting advocacy that is consistent with our goals and mission and reserves the right to suspend any message or participant for content that is inappropriate, vulgar, or otherwise inconsistent with our mission.

Enable end-users to make their voices heard by policymakers across the country.

Educate policymakers on the positive impacts that drones have for American first responders, small businesses, environmental research and more.


The Drone Advocacy Alliance is sponsored by and its website maintained by DJI Technology, Inc. in partnership with the drone community. However, the Alliance does not endorse one drone manufacturer over another, and its partners represent a wide variety of industry stakeholders.

The Drone Advocacy Alliance is always looking for additional partners that support the Alliance’s mission and goals. If you are interested in being our newest partner, reach out to info@droneadvocacyalliance.com to learn more.

Stay Informed

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